Sep 2, 2011

Amazing Story On Enjoying Our Cosmos

Originally published: January 14 2009

I was on a blog and noticed a comment by Guitar Dad and clicked on his name and this is a beautiful amazing summary of his love of the cosmos. I wanted to share it with you . It is called "Curious about the Cosmos" And he wrote it so nice, love the mention on how him and his son read a chapter a night in their astronomy book. I remember my first astronomy book was by Terence Dickenson named NightWatch.

I remember looking at all the pictures thinking "Wow I'll see all that in my telescope ? "I sat there looking at the book and now almost 10 years later I'm now an astronomer and as I read Guitar Dad's post I can still feel and picture the amazement I had and obviously still do.

I got started when our 2 lab puppies went out to pee before bedtime and got looking up. Then whenever it was that time 'Who want's to go see the stars' was heard. I've never seen the whole astronomy history well put in one write up on being curious about the cosmos. So tell me readers, how did you get curious about the cosmos?


Mohan said...

When I was a kid, the famous comet Haley was making a close approach. I used to stay awake many nights hoping to catch a glimpse of a comet with a 90 degree tail. I could spot nothing though I mistook a distant street light in a hill side to be the comet. Only much later, I understood that I saw nothing.

The difficulty and the challenges in night sky viewing makes it more interesting. Even now, I have not seen much beyond an Andromeda galaxy, phases of Venus or Galilean Moons. What keeps me going is, there is more to see.