Sep 2, 2011

Jupiter And Venus Are Putting On A Great Sight !!

Originally Published: Nov 19, 2008

You have to see a great planetary dance in early evening southwest skies this week.. Jupiter & Venus will be doing the tango out there ! And will continue to do so next week. But right now they are amazing to look at with just your eyes alone. I braved the cold and bundled up to go out to take a look thru my telescope at each planet . Venus is very close for great planet watching . jupiter a bit further out is a smaller one in size when looking to the skies but both are bright in the night sky, you can't miss them. I have taken this picture tonight to show you what you will see . They were even brighter ( amazingly BRIGHT) than pictured over my hobby shed but to give you an idea ..

There’s nothing anywhere close to their brightness. I've seen these two planets both together and each on their own during the night but this is too amazing to miss. New to the skies or have a new telescope ? Perfect time for telescope viewing.

Get out there fast after dusk .. Venus is a little ferret and sneaks away fast into the horizon right now ! both planets are heading for an even more spectacular pairing with Jupiter at the end of the month. Speaking of the largest planet of our solar system , Take a look at it's 4 moons - You will be able to see them in binoculars and telescopes. They appear to be 4 big stars . They are named Io, Europa, Ganymeade and Callisto. Each night they will have appeared to move in different spots.

Cool Jupiter fact -- The 5th planet from the sun ,It takes about 35 minuits for the light of this gas giant planet to leave and hit your eye.

Cool Venus Fact -- The 2nd planet from the sun ,can take as little as 2.3 minutes and as much as 10.5 minutes to reach the Earth.