Sep 2, 2011

Jupiter, Mercury & Moon To Meet Up

Originally published: December 17 2008

After being very close two weeks ago, Venus and Jupiter has parted ways on their tour around the solar system. The evening of December 29 look low in the south west just after sunset where you should spot the moon with Jupiter and Mercury slightly lower and slightly North. Mercury and Jupiter near 1.22° on 31 december, Moon and Jupiter near 0.60° on december 29. Mercury near 0.63° on 29 december too.

Mercury should be visible. Use binoculars if needed and then try with the naked eye. When using a telescope your finder-piece should be able to spot it pretty easy. If Mercury proves to be a challenge, just wait a few nights and try again. By week's end it will be nearer Jupiter and easier to spot. If you need extra help , email me and i'll help you chase it down.

i'll have more details and maps for you in just little while.