Sep 2, 2011

Can You Imagine Touching Astronomy?

Originally published: Nov 30, 2008

How about your hand 1 inch away from touching a meteor? As we all know pieces of meteorites were found here in Canada and some actualy touched the meteor. Unless you've been to another planet or grabbed a star or dark matter or piece of space itself .. you can't TOUCH astronomy. Do you realize that astronomy is the only thing human kind has never been able to touch with our bare hands ?!

If I'm wrong you can prove me wrong in the comments. Many hobbies you get your hands absorbed into it but we can't touch it or will ever touch it. Yet we know everything about it, how it works,but, our hands will never feel it. For a comparitive example let's use rock studies for an example. People who studies the rocks of Earth, from 3 story boulders to 3 inch ones. They study rocks, know everything there is to know about them and what they are made of. And like us with meteorites from space they know which places they come from but here on Earth.

They know as we do about meteorites what they are composed of. What they feel like. Even though we have meteorites and even pieces of the Moon to study .. most astronomical things we will never touch! Isn't that mind blowing? Is your mind blown? I thought of that one night in 2003 around two am in the morning when I was observing the moon and a friend said it's so close you can smell the soil and reach out and touch it. But then I looked up from my telescope and thought wow astronomy touches us, heart soul and mind but we can never touch astronomy.

It changes our lives to enjoy it more but it also fills us up and we can emotionally feel it but .. What DOES it feel like to touch? it touches us but how do we touch it? We send probes and robot like things to touch planets, comets ..rings of planets . When do our own hands touch it ?? When we finally did the astronauts had to wear protective gloves.. when does humankind get to take the gloves off and feel astronomy with our skin?

this I leave you with to ponder, I need coffee now after going that deep!!