Sep 2, 2011

Night Sky Goodies To Look At While Waiting for An Old Friend

Originally Published: Nov 27, 2008

This is the time Orion comes up and later after dark , but while your waiting for our ol friend to come up from the east there are still some goodies you can look at. The Pleiades are a great cluster of stars to explore. And to the left you see that big star, just under Cassiopeia ? That is Capella, cool double star alert !! The brightest star of that part of the cosmos located in Auriga . While your cruisin around Auriga check out the 3 star clusters.

A DAZZLING DISPLAY . A triple thriller !!!

Above Persues is the great double cluster. From there is an amazing sampler of dozens of stars around Mirfak. Mellotte20 is an interesting area. This should keep you buys for a while . I love this area because it is scattered with a great selection of different color of stars to observe. Including my favorite of stars - double stars !! You thought I was going to name a color didn't you?

Just when your eyes are dazzled & dizzy and mind is blown to bits out of amazement (cleanup in aisle 6! ) ,If anyone is in the mood for for pooping up a fresh batch of popcorn to catch a galactic double feature , head on to the Pegasus Theater to the right of Pleides. Now showing is the Andromeda galaxy (M33), below is the Triangulum Galaxy ( M33). Each has a companion galaxy to gander at . Woah good thing the tickets are cheaper earlier at the matinee showing .