Sep 2, 2011

Cool Video Of Phil Harrington & Glenn Chaple!

Originally published: December 27 2008

I found a really great video of 2 guys from Astronomy magazine who write columns about cruising the night sky . So I decided others might enjoy it!! Very fascinating and funny too! Glenn cracks me up when he gets the buzzed out eyes reaction after he gets the first question at 3:26 after being asked ' Where do you see amateur astronomy headed?'.

So friggin funny !!!

He looks so blown away as if he witnessed something so unbelievably mind boggling he went temporarily insane for a moment. That's the never ending amazement of astronomy for you . Get the poor guy a coffee!! They have been observing and have been in the astronomy buisness writing and observing as Phil says for 20 years and they are still fascinated by it all. And they are a fun couple of guys. I tried to upload it,but, it took so long too so Click here to view it!

You should pick up a copy of Astronomy magazine sometime to catch the guys latest columns. Phil Harrington is a Binoculars guy, While I so enjoy and agree with Glenn Chaple's .. " Give me a backyard, a dobsonian and i'll be a happy guy! "

Well the same for me,but, i'll be happy girl! Actually the dobsonian I have is this 8 inch dobsonian. Mine has a NASA sticker on it givin to my by my uncle Richard. Meanwhile i'm saving up currently for this 12 inch one!! Going to pick up a few new deep sky observing books too. I currently have my eye on Sue French's Celestial Sampler, looks like lots of goodies to hunt down in the ol finder-scope explore!

My other telescope is a hubble LOL !