Sep 2, 2011

Got a New Scope For Christmas ??

Originally published: December 26 2008

I can help you with learning how to use it and searching and finding objects. Every year for the past two years from December 26th till the 3rd week of January my email box is full of "I have a new telescope help!".

And I love it ,looking forward to another year of it. I received my first telescope for christmas. Fortunately my parents had a salesman who was an observer so he gave them a great scope called Vista and some numbers behind it. I upgraded to my 8 inch dobsonian. At least twice a week I get emails from people getting the wrong scope so it's nice to help them.

Tell me which one you received and what size of eyepieces you have with them and i'll get you and your new telescope having great adventures exploring the night sky in no time!

If your all set, check out the second post down.. Targets for December 23, 2008 - January 2, 2009.