Sep 2, 2011


Originally published: December 18 2008

AAA Haaa I knew it!!

Remember in my earlier post I told you I found PlanetQuest's Earth like counter says Earth like planet's found is set to zero ?? Well I was browsing thru AOL's space stories of 2008 and found one that gives THIS news !!

Batch of 'Super-Earths' Discovered

An artist's impression shows the trio of super-Earths discovered by European researchers after years of monitoring. The team found the planets with the High Accuracy Radial velocity Planet Searcher or HARPS, a telescope in Chile. So I googled the title from AOL into Google News and here it is.

Okay so I noticed one thing .. so this article says 3 .. the 2 I found in my earlier post from above.. That's 5 Earth like planets? Am I getting it right? if I'm not let me know

astro people!

So if we were searching and wondering if there are Earths out there and there are 5 in the newsbits I linked you too , why are they still wondering if there are any?? And astronomers wondering when we will find any??

WHAAAAAAAAAAT ??????? Can someone explain that to me pah-leeze?