Sep 2, 2011


Originally published: Nov 27, 2008

Get out here and SEE THESE PLANETS! They are really getting close out there (hay get a room! ) for skywatchers to explore in your scopes, binocs or just your eyes. As you see from the drawing I posted here for you .. your welcome .. A is Jupiter , B is Venus ( O is you enjoying it ) and they are about 3 degrees angle away from each other. If you extend your arm out and stick your fingers out in between the two that is how we measure in angles. Watch out what fingers your holdin up there, your neighbor may be out!

If he is show him the amazing sight and show off your astro knowledge. Then have fun watching him rolling his eyes because it's not nice.

I just came inside after having a lookyloo to tell the good folks who are keeping watch for my sky watchers alerts (warning Will Robinson!! )


lava said...

great great knowledge i love stars but never know which direction to look and how to analyze them