Sep 2, 2011

Pluto May Be Turned Back Into A Planet -- Again ??

Originally published: January 14 2009

Astronomer's Have decided to let Pluto Be a planet once again. Looks like Pluto is in dire need of either a psychiatrist or Prozac. The other day I did hear something out there yell 'Someone just shoot me out of my misery! ' out there in the cosmos . I think Ellie Arroway might have picked it up .

February 1st - Here's an interesting tidbit I just found about regarding Pluto. The state of New Mexico, where the discoverer of Pluto was from, is apparently also not pleased - they have passed a state law that within the borders of New Mexico, Pluto is a planet regardless of what astronomers classify it as.


Anonymous said...

Way to go, New Mexico. Tombaugh spent the end of his career in new Mexico so I guess his contribution to astronomy and education in NM paid off with that decision.

Heavy Metal said...

Lol. Go New Mexico!!!

Anonymous said...

New Mexio <---Scientific Ignorance.

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