Sep 2, 2011

Bob Berman -My Kind Of Cranky Space Guy !

Originally published: December 17 2008

There is a BIG way out of control false hype/ hoax going on . I'm sure you all know about it , The Mayans predicted a Comet will end life for Earth December 21 , 2012. I've answered zillions of questions of it at yahoo answers space/astronomy section and in my email box. With my subscription to Astronomy magazine I get to see all the past columns of Bob's, Phil Harrington and glenn Chapel ( I like that guy! he writes awesome tours! ).

I was reading bob's articles and one thing made me bust out laughing! I love the way he writes. Now I don't mind answering the many questions on 2012 they are fun to answer but I'm going to add here what Bob wrote for Astronomy Magazine December 2007 on the subject :

Every few years, a crackpot comes forward with a new "Armageddon from space" theory and decides to share it.


Heavy Metal said...

I know what you mean NSG (about Bob). He's one of my favorites. He tells it like it is.